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How do I get started Square Dancing?

The first step requires no commitment!   Spend an evening with us at an "Open House", learn the basics, and meet the Chesapeake Squares.   Open houses are held several times each year. No dance experience is necessary! Check back to this page for announcements!

What happens next?

You have the opportunity to join a class of similarly interested people to learn the beginning level of square dancing, known as Mainstream. A professional caller will teach several new calls every class and practice those taught previously. The learning is easy and fun. Many of our members fondly remember the good times in their Mainstream classes.

When & where are dance classes held?

Classes for the beginning Mainstream square dancing level have been taught in different formats.  Most recently, there were a series of 2-hour evening classes at the Waxter Center.  Earlier, at another location, we have run an intensive weekend of classes stretching from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.  Both formats are effective, and we usually chose according to the scheduling needs and preferences of prospective students.

Do I have to attend all the classes?

Yes! There are over 60 calls to learn (including many that are simple & basic). New calls are taught progressively, building on the previous lessons. Attending all classes helps everyone learn a concentrated program at a reasonable pace while having a good time.

What does it cost?

Class tuition ranges from $50 to $75, varying some with class size. Graduating Mainstream students receive a reduction in dues for their first year of Club membership.

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Chesapeake Squares is a non-profit recreational organization devoted to the promotion,teaching, and demonstration of Modern Western Square Dancing.


The Latest News...     

The 2015 Mainstream Class had a graduation celebration at the Chesapeake Squares Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 22, 2015, at the Waxter Center.  Congratulations and welcome to the new dancers!